How to turn off the subtitle function in Superbox.


How to turn off subtitles in Superbox.
This issue is a small feature that many customers are concerned about. Some people feel that subtitles interfere with their viewing experience, while some people with hearing impairments need the help of subtitles.

In the realm of home entertainment, Superbox TV Box has emerged as a versatile solution catering to a diverse audience. A small yet significant feature that garners attention is the ability to easily toggle subtitles on and off. This simple function is valued by users who either seek an uninterrupted viewing experience or require subtitles for better comprehension. In this guide, we’ll explore how Superbox S4 PRO and Elite 3 users can effortlessly manage the subtitle function using their remote control.

How to Turn Off and On Subtitles on Superbox S4 PRO and Elite 3:

  1. Initiate Playback: Start by selecting the content you want to watch on your Superbox S4 PRO or Elite 3. Once the playback has commenced, you can control subtitles using your remote.
  2. Locate the Subtitle Button: On the remote control, identify the dedicated subtitle button. This button is often represented by a small icon resembling text or speech bubbles.
  3. Press the Up Button: To turn off subtitles, press the “Up” button on the remote control while the content is playing. This action will disable subtitles, allowing for an immersive viewing experience.
  4. Press the Up Button Again to Enable Subtitles: If you wish to enable subtitles, press the “Up” button once more. Superbox S4 PRO and Elite 3 are designed to respond to this intuitive control, making it easy to switch subtitles on or off with a simple button press.
  5. Confirmation on Screen: As you press the “Up” button, a subtle on-screen display may confirm the change in subtitle status. This visual feedback ensures that users are aware of the current setting.
  6. Experiment with Other Remote Controls: If you’re using a third-party remote control with your Superbox TV Box, the subtitle control function may still be accessible. Experiment with the remote to discover how to navigate and toggle subtitles seamlessly.


Superbox S4 PRO and Elite 3 stand out not just for their powerful features but also for their user-friendly design. The straightforward process of turning off and on subtitles with a single press of the remote’s “Up” button exemplifies the user-centric approach. Whether you’re seeking an undisturbed viewing experience or need subtitles for better understanding, Superbox caters to your preferences with an easy-to-use control system. Enjoy your favorite content on your terms, enhancing your entertainment experience with the simplicity of subtitle control.

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