How to easily turn Superbox S4 PRO into a smart voice-controlled TV?

The provided information explains the features and benefits of the SuperBox S4 Pro, an Android TV box that comes with voice control functionality. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the key points in the text:

  1. Introduction to Voice Control Technology:The text begins by acknowledging the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence, particularly in the context of smartphones. It highlights the convenience of using voice recognition technology to control TV and how this technology can be added to your existing non-Smart TV with the SuperBox S4 Pro.
  2. Benefits of Voice Control for TV:
    • Convenience: The text emphasizes that using voice commands is easier than using traditional remote controls for tasks like channel selection and content searching.
    • Time-Saving: It mentions that voice commands can save time, especially for the elderly and children, by quickly accessing desired content.
    • Hands-Free Operation: Voice commands free up your hands, making it a convenient feature for various users.
  3. Compatibility with Any TV: The SuperBox S4 Pro is described as an Android TV box that can be connected to both high-end Smart TVs and regular TVs via an HDMI cable. The primary factor that affects your viewing experience is your TV’s support for high-definition resolution.
  4. No Additional Apps Required: Unlike some Android TV boxes, the SuperBox S4 Pro comes with built-in voice control functionality, so there’s no need to download or install additional applications. All you have to do is connect the included Bluetooth remote control to the box.
  5. Pairing the Bluetooth Remote:
    • The remote supports both infrared and Bluetooth.
    • Instructions are provided for pairing the remote with the TV box using Bluetooth.
    • A confirmation step is suggested to check if the remote is successfully connected to the TV box.
  6. Using Voice Control with SuperBox S4 Pro:
    • Once the Bluetooth remote is paired, the voice control function is activated automatically.
    • Various voice commands are listed for controlling the TV box, including settings, app installation, app management, opening and closing apps, returning to the home screen, and conducting searches on platforms like YouTube and TV channels.
  7. Privacy Concerns: The text addresses potential privacy concerns by assuring users that the SuperBox S4 Pro’s voice command system is designed exclusively for TV control and operates only when the Voice Button on the remote is pressed. It mentions that no signals are stored on external servers or in the cloud.
  8. Upgrades and Updates: The text mentions that while the SuperBox S4 Pro is the first generation of voice-activated TV boxes, it is not perfect, and improvements will be made over time. The system will receive updates automatically, and tutorials will be provided for users to stay up to date with the latest features.
  9. Disabling Voice Control: Instructions are provided for users who want to disable the voice command function. This can be done by going to the device’s preferences and turning off the AiSpeech option.
  10. Troubleshooting: The text offers troubleshooting tips for users whose voice command function is not working. It suggests checking the remote connection, ensuring a stable internet connection, and contacting customer service if all else fails.
  11. Purchasing Information: The text concludes by providing information on where to purchase the SuperBox S4 Pro, either from authorized online stores or local shops. It also mentions the possibility of becoming a distributor by contacting the company via email.

Overall, this text serves as a detailed guide for users interested in the SuperBox S4 Pro and its voice control features, including how to set it up and use it effectively. It also addresses common concerns and questions users might have.

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